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Gallery wall with Ice Lolly print from Doodlemoo, styled by Natasha from Styling York Pretty
Gallery wall with Ice Lolly print from Doodlemoo, styled by Natasha from Styling York Pretty

We love a Gallery Wall here at Doodlemoo, and even more if it’s fun, playful and eclectic. On our series of Mini Interviews we ask a few questions about how to make a gallery wall. Whether it’s for the kids rooms or grown up spaces, it should reflect your taste, there’s no rules really but some tips can be useful to follow. We hope you find these useful. We ask the lovely Natasha from Styling York Pretty some questions and here it is:

EMI :Β Have you got any tips for creating a cool gallery wall? Do you plan it beforehand?

NATASHA: Gallery walls give rooms personality and can be a major focal point. I start my gallery walls with a good collectionΒ of various items. I work around the larger pieces and place my smaller prints in between. I also use picture ledges, peg hooks and bunting to add an unique look.

EMI: How did you find your own personal style?

NATASHA: My style is quite fun and pop art inspired, I also love pops of colour as colour adds interest.Β Β I really only use things I love soΒ this can become quite eclectic.

EMI: Why did you choose WOW and Drip drop rainbow?

NATASHA: I chose WOW as I love typography and it’s such a cool fun print. It can’t help but make you smile!

As a family we love holidays and they are a major event in our calendar so I choseΒ Drip drop rainbow print to remind us of past and future fun! Who doesn’t love an ice lolly???Β 

Thank you so much Natasha, i totally love your eclectic style! And really enjoy your Instagram photos!Β 

Follow Styling York PrettyΒ Instagram feed for cool and fun interior ideas, eclectic style and interior inspo! And visit our blog for the next mini Interview! Hope these are helpful for your Gallery Wall ideas. Oh and if you’ve designed one and want to share with us would love to hear from you!


Emily – Doodlemoo

WOW art print by Doodlemoo Styled by Styling York Pretty

Emily - Designer and Illustrator behind Doodlemoo's playful world! With an MA from Central St Martins, she's also a graphic designer for various other clients.

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