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I was invited to a GIN MAKING CLASS at 58GIN last Friday, and I loved the evening so much I thought I’d write about it! I can really recommend it if you’re looking for something fun to do with your partner or a group of friends. Thanks to Carmen from @58Gin for the Invite, she was  such a good host.

I love Gin and tonic and other Gin based cocktails so I was really curious to see how it’s actually made.  58GIN is an independent micro distillery based in Hackney Downs, as soon as we arrived we had delicious cocktails served, which got us in the mood!!! I didn’t have much of a clue about making Gin so it was such a surprise to see all the beautiful distillers they use. I was also excited to be in with some friends, and my partner Ruth (@pramchorus) was so much fun (you do need a partner to work with) and 2 other friends, Libby (@astylebird) and Summer (@summawhat) so it made a cool Friday night out too.

We learned all about the history of Gin (Kate made it so much fun! thanks @cocktailkate55 ). Did you know Gin evolved from a herbal medicine (juniper berries) to how we know it today!? For a long time it had a bad reputation but only when it hadn’t been distilled properly, many people made it at their home and inhaled all the methanol! It was queen Victoria who improved it’s reputation again.

So we got to smell and try all the ingredients (herbs and dried fruits) that you can use in your Gin; you are given a chart for you to measure your amounts and get guided as to how much quantities to use, but its pretty much up to you to choose the flavours and smells you like. We were then allocated our own mini distiller where we placed our ingredients. My one was called Alice! While we waited we got to eat some delicious nibbles and chat over yet another cocktail! Once our gin was ready it’s poured into your own bottle (which you can take home) with a beautiful label.  We made up our own Gin name and write it on the label and even seal the top with wax!

Emily making gin

Emily’s Gin


It really was a great evening and a great class!

Emily - Designer and Illustrator behind Doodlemoo's playful world! With an MA from Central St Martins, she's also a graphic designer for various other clients.


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