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How to grow your brand on Instagram without losing your soul. I am currently offering one to one Instagram coaching for £130. And I offer workshops, if you are interested I can teach in a group format which is £45 per person, email Emily

How to build your brand on Instagram without losing your soul

Here’s what a lovely lady that took my Instagram workshop says:

“Having met Emily through a local Networking group, i learnt about her workshop ‘How To Build Your Brand on Instagram’ and seeing as my social media content was patchy at best up to that point i thought i’d give it a go.
The workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and beyond anything else; informative. With just basic knowledge of how Instagram worked when i entered the workshop, i left with the guidance and information that over the following days and weeks would mean that i could streamline my social media output and make my business’s brand image go from amateur to professional.I was given hints and tips that really worked for me, its meant i don’t have to be a slave to social media 24/7, i have been able to increase not only my following but also – and much more importantly – the interaction from followers (and therefore potential customers).
I have even had close friends comment and compliment me on my new approach to social media posts, saying that its so much more professional now, and they feel that even if they didn’t know me, they would be drawn to my business brand. All this is thanks to Emily and her workshop. Thank you Emi!” xxx Simone Measday – Director, Redhill Confetti.

Leave us your email if you are interested in hearing about this and future courses and contact Emily to arrange.

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